Steps to Make American Eagle Credit Card Payment

How can I Pay American Eagle Credit Card Bills

American Eagle Outfitters has provided a credit card for its loyal shoppers. If you usually shop at the American Eagle stores then you can find the card handy. Once you have the credit card you will be able to get access to special deals and discounts.

Credit card holders get special privilege while shopping at American Eagle retail outlets as well as online stores. If you have the credit card then you will be required to pay bills.

In this article we have explained the credit card payment procedure. You can also find all the late payment information to deal with payment missed on or before the due date.

How to Make American Eagle Credit Card Payment Online

  • To pay bills online you need to open the login homepage of Eagle Credit Card.
  • Once the webpage opens there is a login section at the left.

American Eagle Credit Card Payment

  • Provide user id and password in the respective spaces.
  • Once you have logged in you will be taken further to the account management console.
  • Select the payment tab there and fill in the payment details to proceed.
  • Confirm payment and you will see a confirmation screen.

Pay by Mail

To pay your American Eagle Outfitters Credit Card bills by mail you need to send the payment check at the address below:

AE Rewards Store Card
P.O. Box 530942
Atlanta, GA 30353-0942

AE or Aerie Real Rewards Visa
P.O. Box 960013
Orlando, FL 32896-0013

Tips for writing the payment check:

  • You need to write the check for the minimum amount due or you can also make the full outstanding payment.
  • You need to write your account number and other information for reference.

Pay American Eagle Credit Card Bills by Phone

  • In order to make the credit card bill payment through phone you need to call on 800-843-0875 or 866-913-6765.
  • Once the call is connected you will be required to press the option 2.
  • Now proceed with the IVR by selecting the options that applies to you.
  • Enter account number and other details to validate your identity.
  • Once you are done with it you can confirm the payment.

American Eagle Credit Card Late Payment Information

If a mishap happens and you fail to make your payments on time then you will be required to make the payment with a fee. Payments need to be made before 5 pm ET on your due date.

Those who have missed to pay on time need to make payment with an added late payment fee of $30 or $41 depending upon your due duration.

American Eagle Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Eagle Credit Card Login process?

If you are an existing credit card customer you can access your account at the American Eagle Credit Card Login page. Enter user id and password and you will be logged in.

What is the American Eagle Credit Card phone number?

In order to reach out to the customer service one needs to call on 1-800-340-053.

Who issues the American Eagle Credit Card?

The credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank. All the finances and operations of the credit card are backed by the bank.

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