How to Pay your BP Credit Card Bills

Steps to Make BP Credit Card Payment

If you have the BP Credit Card inside your wallet then you must be looking for bill payment guidelines. We recommend you to make the payment before the due date in order to save on penalty charges and hinder credit score.

The credit card provider lets the users sign into their accounts with ease in order to make online payments and more. You can also make payment via mail or through phone. In this article you will find information on the BP Credit Card Payment.

How to Make BP Credit Card Payment

  • In order to pay your BP Credit Card bills open the login webpage.
  • As the website opens you will find the login section.

BP credit card payment

  • Sign into your credit card account using user id and password.
  • Once logged in you can find the payment tab on the account management console.
  • Provide payment amount and confirm the payment.

How to Pay BP Credit Card Bill via Mail

To make BP Credit Card Payment by Mail you need to send the payment check to the following address:

BP PLCC & Visa

P.O. Box 965006

Orlando, FL 32896-5006

How to Make BP Credit Card Payment through Phone

The automated phone system allows the users to pay their credit card bills via phone. In order to pay by phone you need to call on the payments phone number and respond to the IVR. Here is the payment phone numbers for all BP Credit Cards.

BP card- 844-832-0035

BP Visa card- 844-832-0030

BP Platinum Visa card- 844-887-1975

BP Credit Card Late Payment Information

What happens if you are late with your payments? In case you aren’t able to pay before the due date then you need to pay an interest. However we recommend you to make the payments on time in order to save interest rates and hindrance to your credit score.

BP Credit Card Late Payment Fee

For those who are late with payment BP Credit Cards has imposed a late payment fee of $28. To avoid paying this fee you must make the payment before 5 p.m. (ET) on the due date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BP Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number?

If you have issues with anything related to the BP Credit Card then you can call the help desk on 1-888-397-1520.

How can I log into my BP Visa Credit Card Account?

You can sign into your BP Visa Card account at the official website. Once you are on the login page enter username and password to sign in.

How does the BP Credit Card Work?

The BP Credit Card is issued by the Synchrony Bank for use at the BP gas stations. You earn a good number of rewards for using the card for gas purchase. Get a 30 cent discount per gallon for the first 2 months of getting the card. Furthermore you can earn 5 points per $1 spent on non fuel purchases.

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